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The Mobile Miniature World(Beijing) was established on 2013 in Beijing, which is located in Tus Park of Beijing, and it is the famous contractor of VR technology, which is also the earliest one in the world that put VR technology on cloud show and conference, cloud synergic work in Metaverse.

There are three kinds of tech-engine which are self-researched and developed:
3D/VR engine,  audio communication engine and separated server engine, and we have
over 40 sets of copyright on software. We have got the Three A certification, certification of QMS(Quality Management System), EMS(Environmental Management System) and OHSAS(Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), certification of software enterprise, certification of National Information Security, certification of National High-tech Enterprise, all that is helpful to master the core technology. With mentioned-above, it has become the selective eco-partner of Huawei, and elite facilitator of Huawei.

  • 2022年

    · Efforts are made to completely update the products of Metaverse, in order to establish the "Metaverse City". · A fully owned company for research and development was established in Israel. ·A fully

  • 2021年

    ·The total user amount of Cloud Meeting Room reached 2,500,000. ·Over hundreds of virtual shows had been held in China Galaxy Exhibition Center.

  • 2020年

    ·The Galaxy Exhibition Center of China which was the venue in Metaverse for show and conference was launched on business. ·We have been the selective partner and elite service contrator of Huawei.

  • 2019年

    · Cloud SOHO, is the office building in Metaverse was launched on business. · Cloud Meeting Room, is the meeting room in Metaverse was launched on business.

  • 2018年

    ·The first product for conference of Metaverse in the world "3D Meeting Bar" was launched.

  • 2014-2017年

    ·To completely start the way of research and development on our own with every effort.

  • 2013年

    ·The Mobile Miniature World was established in Beijing on 2013.

Corporate Culture
  • Vision

    To establish the platform of cloud conference, show and office building, in order to make the diligent partners rich and happy, to return home with honor, all that makes one's own ancestors illustri

  • To Embrace

    To believe in, to stick to, to persist.

  • Value

    Integrity and kindness. Diligence and professional dedication. Cooperation and be responsible. To create value and serve the customer.

  • Motto

    Procrastination is the largest enemy, the best teacher is to update, and update a little bit every day.

  • Mission

    The development of enterprise was endowed by science and technology.

Technology Core
  • 1 Separated Server Engine

    Separated cluster deployment, with highly concurrence, highly loading and highly stability.

  • 2 Engine of Audio Communication

    There are 256 sets of individual channel for audio communication, including one to one, one to more, more to more communication in the meantime.

  • 3 3D/VR Engine

    3D/VR Engine which are researched and developed on our Own, to make a virtual reality by innovation.

Honorary Qualification
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Chinese Mainland:

Address: China Galaxy Exhibition Center, No.2 Buidling, Inno Way, Zhongguancun,District Haidian, Beijing

Tel: 400-008-1269/17611058598

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Singapore Postal Code: 189721
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